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Executive Image Consulting
Company Location: New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Sylvie di Giusto - Owner of Executive Image Consulting based in New York City - is a professional speaker, image consultant and author who markets her company and services with the branding statement “People packaging is what I do.”

Twenty years of corporate experience, educating and inspiring thousands of clients around the world, made her familiar with the typical challenges that professionals face in their workplace. She helps individuals and companies to understand how people make up their minds very quickly about them and their leadership potential, and either open the door for them or slam it shut.

Sylvie is also one of the most active and influential online marketers within the image consulting industry. She coaches other consultants to use modern tools, techniques and strategies to getting their brand name out to the public.


We are looking to hire dedicated and passionate interns. You will work as part of a team side by side with Sylvie, developing and executing one of her upcoming business projects. The internship will offer you invaluable insights and experience into the image consulting industry and will include responsibilities in the areas of:

(sourcing and developing materials, conducting research, coordinating logistics etc.)

(assisting with planning and staging a new project including social media and online marketing campaigns etc.)

(creating a new online platform and mobile applications with the newest technologies and tools etc.)

(shadowing and assisting Sylvie in the various day-to-day duties and tasks as a professional image consultant etc.)


Best candidates are self-motivated team players who have

- a basic knowledge of the image consulting industry and/or a past or current experience in the fashion industry.
- a desire to refine their skills and an interest in learning and working on a real business project.
- excellent organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with a keen eye for detail.
- the ability to work to a schedule, are trustworthy, honest, reliable and do what it takes to meet a deadline.
- a professional demeanor with excellent communications skills, both written and verbal.
- a computer or laptop available and have a basic knowledge how to use office and web management software.
- a positive attitude, an entrepreneurial spirit, the ability to think outside the box.
- a sense of humor.

This internship is ideal for people who are comfortable working independently with limited supervision. Although some of the tasks will require 1:1 meetings, other tasks can be done at your home office. Candidates must qualify to earn college or university credit and/or or will receive credits towards training and coaching services.

Please, apply ONLINE at:

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