Los Angeles Socially Responsible Fashion company seeks interns

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Los Angeles based high end fashion line focused with empowering young girls in underprivileged communities around the world by contributing to their education through art is looking for a passionate and driven intern that will help us grow this socially responsible company.
Our mission is to collect a range of artwork (photos, drawings, etc...) created by young girls from trusted charities, which we then feature onto our fashion. We guarantee 15% of our proceeds back to that same charity to help fund those young girls' $250 yearly tuition cost.

This intern will have a strong interest in Fashion and Social enterprise - more specifically the condition of young girls' education in the developing world. Among the many duties this intern will be assigned to, the main one will consist of assisting the CEO with the hiring of other Interns as well their placement in the various departments of the company. This Intern HR Coordinator will shadow the founder and play a crucial role in the growth of this company at various levels.


This intern will be charged with the responsibility of helping grow this socially responsible fashion line thru the strategic hiring of other interns. This intern will also very with involved in a variety of growth strategies and will shadow the CEO throughout this whole internship....


The candidate we are looking for needs to possess the following skills:
- Be able to accurately match the company's needs with the available supply of skills
- be knowledgeable in fashion
- Have passion and understanding for the plight of young girls in developing countries
- Be highly organized
- Be able to multitask
- Be able to demonstrate discretion and Business Ethics
- Be able to demonstrate Strategic Orientation (Take a leadership role and influence management's strategic path)

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