Fashion internships allow you to get up close and personal with more than clothing and models. Through a fashion internship, you can learn about business-to-business transactions between suppliers and distributors; clothing and style design processs, production cycles, and budgets; marketing and cross-promotion campaigns; multimedia coverage of the fashion industry; international and public relations; photography and graphic design; and style and pop culture.

Marketing your product line to your target audience is the most important part of the fashion design industry. For young professionals looking for a career in this segment of the industry, fashion internships are a perfect stepping stone. As interns with fashion houses, candidates earn valuable real world experience in the fashion industry with the overall understanding of the fashion marketing process. Working in coordination with fashion designers, interns can learn how to first fabricate designs that are appealing to the target audience and then promote the product line with complimenting campaigns. The internship requires the candidates to be passionate about the fashion world and have a solid understanding of the prevailing trends in the industry. 

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