Mentor Care Officer (Virtual)

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The Lint Center, a non-profit charity, focused on supporting the educational pursuits of the next generation of America’s Counterintelligence and National Security Workers. The Lint Center is seeking high caliber candidates from multiple academic disciplines who are seeking substantive career-related work experience through internships and cooperative education positions – for credit or non-credit. The internship program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students seeking unpaid volunteer positions.
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Additionally, all interns will have an opportunity to meet and receive a national security mentor. This has been stated to be one of the best features of our program.

Lint Center will work with your school to enable you to do a internship for school credit. We are very flexible in designing a program to work with your skills.

The Lint Center Mentoring Program (LCMP)® aims to develop and guide emerging leaders in National Security and Counterintelligence. LCMP provides talented and promising individuals interested in pursuing careers in national service the opportunity to interact, correspond, and work with real-world practitioners. The Lint Center stresses the importance of building human capital because it serves the interest of our country’s security and safety. In addition, it adheres to the Lint Center’s core focus of giving back by offering an invaluable resource to mentees.

With over 150 mentors, the LintCenter is well positioned to match appropriate emerging leaders with practitioners and other well positioned individuals who can provide the feedback, context, and contacts to expedite the development as well as exponential beneficial mentorship to streamline the learning curve of mentees.

The Mentor Care Officer (MCO) will coordinate with mentors to determine current availability to mentor. MCO will ensure mentors information is updated in Lint Center. MCO will also coordinate with Lint Center Scholars and assist in matching scholars with mentors.


· Manage and expand Mentor base
-- Assist new volunteer Mentors.
-- Motivate mentors to stay

· Understand and practice appropriate security and OPSEC procedures.

· Coordinate and motivate Mentors
-- Assist senior managers in coordinating actions and plans.


-- Computer
-- Social Skills
-- Online Skills
-- Have social networking skills that can be proved. (FB, LinkedIN, etc.)
-- Be willing to learn and understand OPSEC and other security practices
-- Developing management skills

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