Film Festival Staff Intern

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Join Team WorldFest to work on the festival staff in producing the 48th Annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. We offer full-time staff positions, and "Adopt A Day" positions, where you can come in 1-3 days a week. Nice offices, hours are 10am to 6pm. WorldFest discovered Spielberg, Lucas, Coppola, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers and hundreds more with their very first awards! It may be a film festival, but it is office and computer work! Some schools offer credit for being a volunteer intern. You may visit our cool website at for lots of info. We also have one Development Director Intern position open - which does pay an honorarium for the funds that you bring in, but that is really a really hard job that requires a lot of contacts.


Office Hours at 10am to 6pm, desk jobs, working with our computers and Online. Focus areas are Awards, Programming, the Program Book, Hospitality, special events, Social Media and the Internet. We have 6 Vice-Presidents in Los Angeles who are former Interns and 5 are Women! Amazing job contacts and opportunities for a career in the film industry.


You will need strong computer and office skills. We publish our own 120-page program book so InDesign is a good skill to have, plus the usual Microsoft Office skills. We have a small and highly dedicated Intern staff, nice offices, great working conditions, festival staff luncheon treat every Friday, to discuss the festival operations and see movies. You will work on the program book, filmmaker invitations, film transit, reservations, scheduling, jury reports and a wide range of other things, like music and VIP Tours of NASA.

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