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We are looking for the next up and coming indie filmmaker. This is not just an ordinary internship but more of collaborative opportunity for students. We will work with you to create a soundtrack and/or score for your upcoming project. We must feel strong about the synopsis and your plans to market the film in an upcoming film festival and/or pitch to a network, film studio, or investor. We will do this type of project once a year for students only. You will gain the collaborative experience to merge both music and film.


You will be responsible for handling all aspects of the film. You will be responsible for relating updates and working closely with the music production department of AudioFilms Recordings. Weekly conference calls will be required.


You must be a film student shooting your upcoming project. You must have access to your own equipment, crew and actors. You must submit links to your earlier creation. You must submit your synopsis for consideration. You must have a project plan/target date. Your enrollment in school must be confirmed. A CDA and Legal agreements to license/sync our music to your film must be signed, before we start the project.

How To Apply

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