Media Video Mogul Intern (Film/Video/Photo) - NYC ONLY

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Inartmedia is designed to help film and music artist gain a wider audience.

Inartmedia is made to help film and music artist promote themselves. The Inartmedia platform gives film and music artist the power to gain a wider audience. Artist create a profile then submit links to promotional media, once the submission is approved by our moderators our aggregation algorithms take over.

Inartmedia’s goal is to help artist gain exposure by getting a wider audience. Artist promote works and connect with opportunities. By utilizing Inartmedia’s member resource artist can even connect to possible brands sponsorship.

Inartmedia is committed to working with film and music artist to reveal new audience sources. We are committed to providing the tools necessary to attract new opportunities.

Inartmedia is a tightly monitored platform, we only allow a limited number of film and music artist. On average Inartmedia accepts about a thousand film and music artist every month. At the end of every month Inartmedia flushes our system, we do this to force artist to stay Relevant (do not send year old media) and to protect the Integrity (do not add the same link over and over again) of the Network.

Inartmedia has pioneered a new system for promoting artist content while also guaranteeing a wider audience. With Inartmedia artist provide a specific link to promotions media and determine it’s genre (meta data) and type of targeted audience. This results in focused content that’s promoted organically by people who want to hear, see, read it.

- Shooting video
- Live internet broadcast video
- Video editing

IMPORTANT: On occasion you will be mobile, traveling in the NYC area, shooting out-of-office and on location.

Any work that is not confidential can be added to your professional portfolio. You will work directly with the co-founder of the company and get the inside, behind-the-scenes view of a start-up. You will have access to a variety of training materials on sales, marketing, internship program management, and other topics. In addition, we will gladly help you arrange for academic credit.


-Screenplay writing & editing with Finale Draft on a Mac
-Screening dailies for usability
-Some of Editing short videos on a timely basis
-Some of Sound mixing
- Assist in all aspects of video and photographic communications and contribute to planning and storyboarding
- Assist in the end-to-end process from storyboarding to logistics to shooting to editing and publishing
- Film video and shoot photographs in studio and field environments
- Record desktop computer screens and actions for demo and training videos
- Use existing original and stock footage to produce new videos
- Contribute to mixing and editing to create polished and engaging videos
- Publish videos primarily to the web and touch-up still photography


- Have the potential to deliver videos and photos that succinctly and clearly tell the desired story
- Ability to deliver videos with cuts, graphics, sound and other elements that convey a quality production value and a level of technical sophistication
- Experience with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Captivate and Adobe Photoshop
- Knowledge of digital videography and photography cameras and equipment

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