Media Intern (Film/Video/Photo)

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The Southeast Net Worth Broadcasting Learning Center (BLC), also know as the Save Our Papers Foundation, was created in October 2010 by media and journalism professionals with a desire to see Houston excel to the greatest capacity in media and television production, film and more.

Background: Houston is the fourth largest city in the country. With over 4 million people in Houston and the surrounding areas, it should be a top contender in local and national media. However, in national television news, Houston sits at #10, and the amount of local production is surprisingly small, as many networks in the Houston area use air national programming instead of opting for more locally produced programs or shows.

The Need: Houston is the home of the first public broadcasting network, however over time, other industries have become more prominent in the city, and the growth of the media industry in Houston seems to be at a standstill. An agency, an organization of some sort was needed to oversee and promote the continuing development and growth of Houston’s media, thus the Save Our Papers Foundation was born.

Our Mission: The BLC’s mission to increase the awareness of the process and existence of Houston media, and actively promote the advancement and growth of of Houston media in the community and in the country.


- Assist in all aspects of video and photographic communications and contribute to planning and storyboarding
- Assist in the end-to-end process from storyboarding to logistics to shooting to editing and publishing
- Film video and shoot photographs in studio and field environments
- Record desktop computer screens and actions for demo and training videos
- Use existing original and stock footage to produce new videos
- Contribute to mixing and editing to create polished and engaging videos
- Publish videos primarily to the web and touch-up still photography


- Have the potential to deliver videos and photos that succinctly and clearly tell the desired story
- Ability to deliver videos with cuts, graphics, sound and other elements that convey a quality production value and a level of technical sophistication
- Experience with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Captivate and Adobe Photoshop
- Knowledge of digital videography and photography cameras and equipment

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