Part Time Videographer Intern Position

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Video Depot
Company Location: Merrimack, NH
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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"Video Depot" is a newly starting videography business which will service New England and the Tri-State area with high quality film, editing, graphic design, and animation services. We currently already have a professional videographer and editor/graphic designer/animator set to be sub-contracted to us for higher budget jobs, but we are interested in hiring a responsible, talented intern to work on lower budget jobs.

This is a non-paid part time internship but it will offer opportunities to work with many clients such as record labels, real estate agencies, marketing agencies, and small businesses. These look great on a portfolio/video reel. All editing is handled in house, this internship is only regarding filming.

This position grants you a lot of freedom and responsibility. You would be working one on one with the client and filming their video unsupervised. Conceptually, you will be given parameters and a game-plan, so don't feel too intimidated. We will always be just a phone call away if help is required. This is a flexible internship and we understand your challenges.


You will be receiving between 3-5 jobs per month, although that number is an estimate and is subject to change. All customer relations work including sales, quoting, consulting, invoicing, content delivery, and scheduling as well as all editing are handled by Video Depot. Your sole job is to go to the job site on the specified date and film what our guidelines and story boards direct you to. Each work day can vary in amount of hours, with a maximum of 10 per day. If you have all equipment needed (Which is preferable) then you will bring it with you to the job site and set it up as you see fit or are directed. If you don't not have all equipment needed for the job (Which is probable) then it will be rented for you. All expenses including equipment rental and travel are covered by Video Depot. Once you are done shooting, ALL raw footage is to be sent via a private file sharing site to Video Depot for editing.

That's it!


The requirements are as follows:

- Must be completing or have recieved an associate degree or higher relating to film
- Must be able to think on his/her feet, improvise, and be creative when constructing solutions to issues
- Must conduct himself/herself in a professional manner (A dress code and company shirt will be provided)
- Must be outgoing and friendly when conducting a customer
- Equipment of his/her own is preferable but not necessary
- Dedication and commitment are essential
- Talented and competent. Clients will be informed that you are an intern and will be informed of the fact that you are still in the learning process, but you are still expected to have a handle on what your doing.

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