Production Office Intern

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Black and Latino Filmmakers Coalition
46 West 116th
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 4 Part-time, Unpaid

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Black and Latino Filmmakers' Coalition is a trade association that facilitates connections to resources, information and equipment for filmmakers of color. Our goal is to encourage the creation and success of high quality films. We aid in obtaining grants; establishing best practices guidelines; as well as lobbying local, state and federal government. BLFC cultivates filmmakers and promotes the independent film industry. BLFC needs interns to work in the production offices through every stage of creating films- foundational, pre-production, production and post-production. This is a comprehensive position because you will be privy to the construction of films from conception to completion. Interns will work closely with BLFC founder and staff learning multifarious skills- everything; wrangling talent, casting, script writing, grant acquisition, camera work, production managing, budget handling, copywriting, fostering relationships with decision makers, lobbying politicians, set design and lighting to name a few. Interns will learn to be versatile, quick-witted and resourceful.


Production Office Interns assist wherever they are needed on productions and in the office. Their responsibilities vary considerably depending on where and when they are assigned. In the production office duties typically include: assisting with answering telephones, filing paperwork and data entry, arranging lunches, dinners, and transportation reservations, photocopying, general office administration, and distributing production paperwork.
On set duties typically include: acting as a courier, helping to keep the set clean and tidy and distributing call sheets, health and safety notices, and other paperwork. On location shoots, Production Interns may also be required to help to coordinate the extras, and to perform crowd control duties, except where this work is dangerous, or performed by police officers or other official personnel.


Must have:
- strong written and oral communication skills
- good attention to detail
- a professional attitude
- humility
- versatility

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