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Greetings. My name is Jeff Hall. I’m a former VP from the Los Angeles Times.

I’m spearheading an online startup called “THE LATEST” (I nabbed the URL,, way back in 1996).

Last month, 55 million Google searches included the word “latest” (the latest news, latest justin bieber, latest iphone, etc.).

THE LATEST has the potential to become a world-class brand. Everyone wants to know the latest. But keeping up is hard. We’re all drowning in information.

Several smart people (media executives, PhDs, student interns from all around the world) and I literally spent the last few years tackling the issue of “information overload” head on. I’m happy to report we’ve come up with something pretty amazing.

THE LATEST seeks to launch in June of 2014. There is much work to be done between now and then.

We have a need for FOUR editors: Breaking News; Lifestyle/Entertainment; Products; Hobbies/Passions.

But this isn't just about writing. We need a team of television, TV, webisode and video producers to do several things: Help us provide content using sight and motion (instead of just text); help us create a "sizzle reel" showing what a TV show called THE LATEST would look, act, feel and smell like; help us help our users produce user-generated videos; produce training videos that can be used to train our visitors and content providers how to best interface with our system. There is plenty to do.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you. We are in West Los Angeles, near Olympic and So. Bundy. One of our senior partners is a former president of a TV network. He will drop in from time to time to see how you're doing with this. He's amazingly connected in the business, he's a good guy to impress.

One of our interns did a pilot screen play for a project unrelated to THE LATEST (although THE LATEST inspired it, long story), and my TV associate has now gotten this young man into several meetings with studios, production companies, networks, etc. Nothing definitive has happened yet, but I'm told everything feels good.

It's a fun shop, there's a lot going on, interns love it here.

Jeff Hall, CEO


Produce a 4-minute sizzle reel for a TV show called THE LATEST.

Produce five 30-second spots promoting THE LATEST.

Work with users to get THEM to submit videos on their projects. Would like to have 25 "in the can."

Produce a series of training videos for our users and our content providers.


Conceiving, scripting, shooting and editing video.

On-the-air talent welcome!

Ability to work with others.

That said, if you are a mad genius with a strong sense of vision but stroking others' egos ain't your thing, we'd like to hear from you, too.

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