Television / Video Producer for Fall and School Year

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Greetings from THE LATEST (

Heard the latest?

We are a soon-to-launch website called "THE LATEST." We have an international team that is continually growing.

As part of our offering, we will produce webisodes in which we discuss "the latest" in news, sports, gadgets, gossip, wine, fly fishing, comedy, viral videos, the weather, politics, music -- anything at all.

We hope our little show turns into a real (network) TV show someday.

We are seeking people with a background in video production, preferably with audio and/or lighting equipment.

This is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a completely unique internet start-up, and to get your foot in the door in the world of video production.

PLEASE NOTE: This idea is still in the early stages and we are pre-launch, pre-funding, pre-just about everything. We do have a demo site and we also have programmers programming. We hope to launch by January 2015.

If you are willing to go on faith for a while, we look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for your consideration.



Working on the production of THE LATEST TV show.
Produce five 30-second spots promoting THE LATEST.
Working closing with the Social Media and Marketing team.
Produce a series of training videos for our users and our content providers.


Conceiving, scripting, shooting and editing video.
On-the-air talent welcome!
Ability to work with others.
Experience with cameras, shot composition and sound.

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