Video Production Internship @ Startup

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Video Production Internship @ Startup

We hope with this internship you can showcase your talent, build something awesome making it part of your portfolio while learning and working on videos, editing, production, design.

Why us?
Did you ever dream of studying abroad? Did you ever want to learn another language? Would you like to complete a graduate degree abroad? we want to help many people do exactly that...

Singular EDU, our new project, has as mission to help students achieve their education dreams. Through online courses, a community and experts we want to open doors and enable students achieve their highest potential by being part of a top university.

Check our group website here, founded by former Google, Samsung and U.N. employees, is developing online courses and tools to help students worldwide looking to be part of top universities and graduate schools.

The Start-up
Singular EDU is based in Berlin, but has a team of 12 people spread across the world from Los Angeles to Shanghai. We started developing the proof of concept for our products, received seed financing from our network and looking to build a strong customer base.


How can you help?
-Video Director and Inspirer: You are the talent, we hope with it we can inspire many students to fulfill their education dreams. Helps us develop amazing and inspiring videos for our courses where we help many students study abroad. We really need loads of help in shooting, editing and building awesome videos.

-Part of the team:We are hoping this internship gives you good experience to what it is to work in an early stage startup and be exposed to all operations and strategic guidance.

The Internship
We are offering a 3 unpaid internship where you will work remotely with our team. You will be interacting with the founders and helping us shape our company. We hope this evolves into a long lasting relationship where you can become a Team Leader managing initiatives.

After successfully completing the internship, the founders, among them a former Google employee, will be happy to give you a recommendation letter and be open to mentoring you and opening their network for your career growth. Great performers can later join us as Team Leaders to lead projects.


Self-motivated and with a lot of initiative
Passion and interest for entrepreneurship a plus.

How To Apply

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