Video editing for Reality and Television Show Internship

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Sonassa's LLC
Posted: 457 days ago
Company Location: New Haven, CT
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Seeking for an intern to edit weekly 30 minutes Television Show which includes 15 minutes of the Talk Show and 15 minutes of the Reality Show. The end product should be comparable to mainstream Television Shows. This will be a great opportunity for the intern to both practice their talent, earn College Credits, gain exposure as their name will be mentioned on the credit and connect with future prospective clients. Intern could edit the video remotely which will allow them more flexibility as the editing process is based on creativity and quality. If the intern is also interested in gaining filming experience, they could be present at the setting and participate in the filming process.


Intern will edit video clips.
1 video of 30 minutes should be edited and released weekly.
Internship should have their own computer, equipment and software.


Intern should have advanced skill in high quality video editing.
Must be able to edit and complete 30 minutes video weekly which include; combining 15 of the talk show and 15 minutes of the reality show. Must have an excellent command of language.

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