College Financial Representative- PAID

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Northwestern Mutual is a financial service organization committed to personal and professional growth. Through the development of high trust and long-lasting relationships, we challenge people to align their actions with their intentions.

Whether you’re addressing your needs or those of your family or business, the Financial Representatives and the Network Specialists affiliated with Northwestern Mutual help you take a strategic approach to achieving your financial goals.

Northwestern Mutual is managed by Ryan Kramer.

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Interns with the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network have the same opportunities to build their careers as full-time representatives. Supported by our network of specialists, training programs and mentoring opportunities, interns have access to the resources, products and assistance they need to help their clients and build their practices.

Your local network office provides tools, resources and training to help you discover and build your markets to develop a successful practice as a Financial Representative intern. At Northwestern Mutual we believe training is a process, not an event. Can you envision a life of real world compensation, freedom, and calling your own shots? Many college students cannot. The Northwestern Mutual Financial Network internship is a valuable opportunity for students to combine classroom learning with a real-life look into what they could truly make of themselves.


You do have to be a full time college student and U.S Citizen

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