Finance Manager

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Work Location: Los Angeles, CA
Division/Department: Finance
Reports to: Board Treasurer (Committee Chair of Finance)
Collaborates with: All department and manager level volunteers

Time Commitment: Part time Volunteer

Position Objective:
This position is responsible for assisting with planning and securing the ongoing stability by building and managing the financial, operating, and administrative systems infrastructure. The incumbent sets goals, monitors work and evaluates results to ensure objectives and operating requirements are met and are in line with the needs and mission of the organization.

Job Summary:

Provides interpretations and makes recommendations concerning major organizational financial and administrative matters indicating alternatives and solutions to the Committee Chair of Finance

Works directly with the Committee Chair of Finance and senior staff to set overall organizational policies and priorities. Considers and analyses the implications of proposed actions and decisions by individual areas on the whole of the organization (financial, operating and administrative aspects).

Works directly with central finance and administrative staff.

How to apply:
Please Click on Link below:

Please email your resume to

Plus: 1 of the following:

• Multiple departmental fundraising budget sample
• 6-week cash flow analysis sample
• 3 year program budget

Only candidates who send ALL requested documents will be considered.


• Responsible for financial management monitoring including all revenues, expenses, endowment funds and investments.
• Advises Committee Chair of Finance, senior management on financial matters assessing and explaining long and short-term implications for the organization of alternatives and decisions.
• Develops and maintains polices and controls for financial functions.
• Manages the development and monitoring of overall organizational and departmental operating budgets.
• Responsible for managing all accounting processes including allocations and designation to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
• Oversees the preparation of standard and ad hoc financial reports required for responsible fiscal management. This includes budget analyses, cash flows and forecasts.
• Manages all aspects of financial relationships with external groups.
• Continuously realigns all aspects of the organization's operations and support services to facilitate and reinforce the effectiveness of strategic plans. This includes realigning key business processes, the organizational structure, management practices, communications, and the development and deployment of staff.
• Assesses and analyses the financial, administrative and operational implications of proposed actions and decision by individual areas and departments on the whole of the organization.


Donor Services
• Manages the donor services area to significantly enhance the ability of the organization to manage and operate effectively by ensuring that gift processing systems and policies are accountable, cost effective and efficient.
Education, Experience :
• Accountant: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance major is required, be able to design different financial statements.
• Auditor: Bachelor’s degree in accounting is required, CPA is preferred. Be capable of auditing the business, making sure all the implementation of financial policies is in a legal way.
• Senior accountant: At least bachelor’s degree in accounting is required, master’s degree in accounting and experience is preferred. Be able to analyze the financial reports from many different perspectives.
• Finance analyst: Bachelor’s degree in finance is required. Be able to communicate with accountant, design the financial strategy and financial policies for the organization.
• Fundraiser: Bachelor’s degree in business management or marketing is preferred. Have access to donations or investors.

How To Apply

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