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Locations, Etc. Inc. is a business development company designed to assist other companies with Branding, Advertising, Marketing, PR, and Special Events to Product Development, Manufacturing and Sales.

Our Internship Programs have been utilized at NYU, Pace, Pratt, Hunter, Columbia, St. Johns, Cornell, SCAD to name a few, as well as from international schools from around the world.

Our Internships and Work Experience Programs are custom tailored for each person and we offer an interdisciplinary approach to get students more valuable real-world experience in a shorter time-frame.

We provide flexible scheduling including the opportunity to work weekends/evening from school or home. Every Intern has a Supervisor/Mentor to ensure maximum development.

Currently we have numerous Work Experience opportunities available in the following industries:

Board Games & Apps
Financial Services
Non-Profit Charities
Print Publications
Special Events
Travel & Tourism

Internships can be for Credit or Work Experience in the following areas:

App Development / Programming
Business Administration
Business Management
Event Coordination/NPO Fundraising
Graphic Design
Social Media
Video Production
Web Site Development

Please visit our website for additional information on our programs.


• Professionalism
• Willingness to Learn
• Willingness to Follow Organizational Plan
• Confidence in Product
• Confidence in Yourself
• People Person
• Good Communication Skills
• Desire to Work in a Non-Corporate Atmosphere
• Desire to Get Paid Based Upon Own Production
• Interest in Work Making an Impact


Learning Objectives or Other Goals: The specific goals toward which the Intern's efforts are directed are as follows:

1. Learn how you can build your own business, be your own boss, and realize your own dreams while mentoring others in business to help them achieve success.

2. Learn to assess people’s financial needs and goals relating to retirement, educational funding and estate and wealth preservation, and provide the best solutions to achieve those objectives.

3. Study and pass two examinations required for State Licensing.

4. Start earning a 4-figure monthly income after the second month of successfully working the Program, and over $4,500 by Program end.

5. Be on track to earn over $100,000 after the first year of being licensed and appointed.

Interns Activities: The specific activities of the Interns at the company, and the means by which the Intern’s goals/objectives will be met, are below noted (as per the Program Syllabus):

1. Read the Program Materials as described in Program Syllabus

2. Pass two required Exams for State Licensing

3. Attend & Complete “Fast Start” Training

4. Attend one to three Training Sessions Weekly

5. Complete 3-3-30 in 30 Days

6. Compete 10-10-90 in 90 Days

7. Assess and Issue 3-5 Client Reports Monthly

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