Financial Services Internship and Career Track Programs

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Locations, Etc. Inc., through its Entrepreneurs' Small Business Network ( and its non-profit educational organization www.16ThingsKidsCanDo.Org is a leading Marketing and Business Development company out of New York City.

We are seeking motivated, energetic, entrepreneurial people that are interested in completing an internship or having a career in the Financial Services sector. This position can be permanent based on performance. Part-time and Full-time internships and career track positions are available. All training provided. Must be over 18 years of age.

One of the fundamental areas that people struggle with over their lifetimes is money. More specifically,
finances. In keeping with our mission, we provide people with the opportunity to learn and earn a five and
six figure income while helping educate individuals and families on how money works!
And for those of you that choose Financial Services, instead of having to fight and look for a job that might
take 3-6 months after graduation to get … we allow them to come in on a part-time basis while they are
still in school … learn, get trained, and then when they graduate, they can either continue with our
affiliated company part time or full time with earnings that are the best in the industry.
And that’s great advantage because it takes significant worry off their shoulders for what’s going to happen
in their future.

Additionally, we give you a core concentration in your field, but no matter what your major we also add in:
business, communication, marketing, management, leadership, office technology, research, time
management and problem solving skills.

Secondly, there is no busy work involved. Everything you do is significant, substantial, and designed to get
you to think and understand the different aspects of the program you are working on.

The “Why’s” Behind Our Approach:
1) You need to develop all of these skills in order to be successful in your life regardless of what you are

2) Where you start -- in terms of what you are studying in the school -- may not be where you end up.
These skills give you the confidence to take on challenges and opportunities you might not otherwise

3) We have multiple programs in our organization and they draw on many disciplines to achieve their
objectives. Depending on the program you’re working on, your development of these skills may be
different as well.

To apply visit Careers at and apply on-line through the Contact Us page. You can also apply through our non-profit educational organization by going to the Colleges/University page and downloading the Handbook and application. www.16ThingsKidsCanDo.Org

Lyle Benjamin (Director)


Financial Services Work Program: Learn how money works and how to assess people’s financial needs and goals relating to retirement, educational funding and estate and wealth preservation, and provide the best solutions to achieve those objectives. Learn how to do free college and community based financial seminars that teach people educational concepts not being taught in college or grad school. Learn how to run software analysis and individual client illustrations. Program is government regulated and licensed.


Regardless of your background, in order to be successful in our internship programs there are really only
three things that you have to have coming in:
1) Desire To Be Successful. You must have a passion, energy, for what you are doing.
2) Determination To Be Successful. You can have all the desire in the world, but if you don’t put it in
work, you are not going to be successful.
3) You Must Be Coachable. This means you have to be willing and able to take direction. There are
concepts, practices, and procedures that you going to be exposed to that you may not understand right
away, but you still have to do the assigned tasks with the hope that the understanding will follow.

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