Become a Loan Processor/Analyst - Form Part of a Great Company (Must Reside in South Florida)

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About Lendinero "A KGFA Capital Ventures LLC Company"

We are web based funding solution provider to small businesses. We provide loans from $20K to $300K or a revolving basis and we base our decisions on cash flow. We help businesses that are non bankable and those who need capital for short-term purposes. We can deliver a credit decision within 2 days and we can fund a business within 7 business days. We offer a low friction process and we give business owners quick access to capital to manage immediate cash flow needs. We make the process simple and fast that business owners are willing to pay a premium rate, rather than waiting 2 to 3 months from a traditional bank even if they are bankable, the SBA, or from investors.


This is a 2 month paid Intern - based on performance; after 2 months you will be paid a based salary plus incentives. Our processors are making on average $2,000 per month working part-time. The following responsibilities are listed in a chronological order in the sequence of events and the sales life cycle.

Account Executive Assistance on Initial Applications

• Assist Account Executives in sending out applications and following up on obtaining back
applications to new prospects. Every Monday, you need to email every Account Executive and
offer your assistance to send out any new applications or follow up on applications that were
sent out by the Account Executive.
• Manage incoming application channels which include: a) a dedicated email where all
new incoming applications with supporting documents are sent and all on-line completed
applications are sent b) check dedicated efax delivered to the same email where all fax
applications are sent. You need to check this on daily basis (virtual or remote) and integrate
the email into your cell phone or I-phone.

Data Entry on New Applications on the Cloud

• Upon receiving new applications and supporting documentation you will conduct the following
activities: a) Register the file and assign a loan number on the Client Drive (sub-folder) Client Log
In. b) Upload the applications and all supporting documentation on the Client Drive (sub-folder)
client documentation c) register information on the Client Drive (sub-folder) client reports
• You will log in all communication, activities, documents received from the Account Executives,
the Lender’s representative, and Underwriters. All communications need to be logged in
and dated on the client report log on the cloud.

Document Analysis
• Data registration and client file registry; you will be responsible for assuring that all information is complete on the application, check bank statements for the last 3 months and assure that there is: a) sufficient gross earnings b) check the amount of NSF activity c) check for patterns of transference of funds into any one account d) check
addresses and company names accuracy, etc. e) check for any other business loan advance payments on bank statements. Assure that you have the loan amount requested correct on every application.

Lender Submissions & Client Initial Processing Stages
• Upon a brief analysis you will send the application to our 1st tier lenders. With only one lender you will upload and transfer all information via an on-line portal for an automated credit decision. On all files the minimum
documentation required will be: an application and 3 months of bank statements. When a
client request more than $75,000; you will need to contact the client if the Account Executive
did not submit it and request 12 mos. of bank statements, a YTD profit to loss analysis,
a YTD balance sheet, and last year corporate statements


MUST RESIDE IN MIAMI AND HAVE THE INTENTIONS TO CONTINUE TO LIVE IN MIAMI. The pay will be minimal plus there are bonuses. A quarterly review may land you a full-time positions with a great base salary plus bonuses.

Seeking an intern who possess the following qualities:

1. Good communication skills
2. Good reporting skills
3. Responsible
4. Accountable
5. Good Analytical Skills
6. Good With Analyzing Numbers

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