Mining Green and Environmentally Friendly

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Sleepy Bear Mining, LLC
Randsburg, CA93554
Randsburg, CA
Posted: 697 days ago
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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Our company is the Premier Placer mine in California leading the mining industry in green and environmentally friendly mining, milling and refining practices. Executing these practices into production placer mining situations we are helping to protect the people, the environment, the animals and the land, creating new long-term jobs, high-paying jobs. Our company uses environmentally friendly and efficient concentrating methods that are not currently being used in production mining. Training in these green mining practices include, green and environmentally friendly mining equipment, training to be environmentally friendly to the fauna and flora, land reclamation and biota training, political education and real life in the field environmental education. Our methods encompass using bio-friendly refining techniques with usable by-products and reclaiming the land back to standards that can put ecosystems back to work within a matter of months.
Each member of our staff has at least 35 years of real life experience above and below ground and with nature.
Remember if it isn't grown it's mined.
Mining has changed from 100 years ago to 10 years to today.
I understand you work really hard in school, but it isn't even close to what reality is in the field of our industry. Always get an in-field education starting from the ground up.


Able to engineer out problems when they occur and execute a solution. Operate heavy equipment. Weld. Ability to learn. Map making. CAD and 3-d designing for under ground and equipment manufacturing. Dig by hand. Lifting of necessary equipment in daily use. Setting up mining equipment and operations. To create biota and archeological studies for agencies. Ability to handle general and administrative practices for a company. How to read and find articles in the federal registry. The writing of permit applications. You may not do all of this or you may learn more, but you must learn the basics to be successful.


Class experience Requirements: 1st year geology, environmental, mining, permit writing, general and administrative, political, engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, welding, etc. You do not have to have all this experience, but heading that direction would help as this is the daily life of a mining person. Health must be good. Heavy lifting, hiking, climbing is all part of an average day. Must be able to handle extreme elements. Summer up to 120 degrees to 15 degrees in the winter. You cannot be color-blind.

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