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Honorary Cadets Youth Leadership Academy
2333 W Arthur Avenue
Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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The United States Department of Defense is looking for a Personal Staff for the newly promoted Cadet General. The Cadet General is the highest ranking cadet int the world as well as senior to all enlisted and warrant officers in the military.


Chief Of Staff: In general, a chief of staff provides a buffer between a chief executive (a CEO of a corporation or even the President of the US) and that executive's direct-reporting team. The chief of staff generally works behind the scenes to solve problems, mediate disputes, and deal with issues before they bubble up to the Chief Executive. Lots of politics, egos, and issues to deal with. Often times Chiefs of Staff act as a confidante and advisor to the Chief Executive, acting as a sounding board for ideas. Ultimately the actual duties depend on the actual position and the people involved.
• Special Assistant: devising and maintaining office systems, including data management and filing;
• arranging travel, visas and accommodation and, occasionally, travelling with the manager to take notes or dictation at meetings or to provide general assistance during presentations;
• screening phone calls, enquiries and requests, and handling them when appropriate;
• meeting and greeting visitors at all levels of seniority;
• organising and maintaining diaries and making appointments;
• dealing with incoming email, faxes and post, often corresponding on behalf of the manager;
• taking dictation and minutes;
• carrying out background research and presenting findings;
• producing documents, briefing papers, reports and presentations;
• organising and attending meetings and ensuring the manager is well prepared for meetings;
• liaising with clients, suppliers and other staff.

Security Director: Overseas the safety and security of the Cadet General

Press Secretary:

General Responsibilities
• A press secretary represents a government agency or official to the media, via live briefings, press conferences and news releases.
• Specific tasks include representing the agency or office, developing relationships with members of the media, writing news releases, developing communications strategies, responding to questions from the media and the public, and coordinating the distribution of information.
• Starting positions require a bachelor's degree in a relevant field and at least one year’s experience in media, public relations or another writing-intensive position. Knowledge of government, economics, current issues and the agency or official’s public policy, and the ability to manage multiple projects under pressure, are essential.
Knowledge and Skills
• Knowledge of media production and information dissemination, mastery of the English language—both written and spoken—and mature judgment are required. Familiarity with computers and software—including word processing, graphics, video and website management software—is important.



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