Virtual Organization Military Warfare Fellowship

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"A Virtual Organization is an organization which strictly uses all of the following: a virtual workspace, a virtual workforce, and virtual organization management best practices, policies and procedures for operating in a 100% virtual environment."
by Prof. Pierre Coupet of Virtual Organization Management Institute


VOMI offers UNPAID fellowships for aspiring "Virtual Organization-Military Warfare" researchers interested in going beyond Sun Tzu's The Art of War and Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui's Unrestricted Warfare, to exploring new methods of military warfare that, when combined with virtual organization management, can achieve results that heretofore would have been considered unimaginable. Will assist in upcoming programs and publications of the VOMI Global think Tank and Advisory Board. Fellows work "behind-the-scenes" with the Chair, Global Virtualization Infrastructure Committee and the Chairman of VOMI on upcoming programs (symposiums, colloquiums, summits, conferences, etc.) related to Virtual Organizations and Modern Military Warfare. The fellowship program provides an immersive opportunity to conduct virtual organization-modern military warfare research; and experience first-hand how the integration of modern military warfare and virtual organization management can radically alter our view of how wars can be fought in the near and distant future. This program is intended for Master of Art students in their final year, or Ph.D students, majoring in Military Studies, Military History or a related discipline, who are interested in virtual organizations and military warfare research and publication, and are actively developing their work and career. Applicants must commit to regularly scheduled hours each week during the 12-month period. Applications are reviewed throughout the year for candidates who meet our requirements. Will also be involved in planning and/or attending Board meetings; learning and using parliamentary procedures based on Robert's Rules of Order; recording and transcribing minutes of board meeting; and assisting in drafting board resolutions.


Fellowship Highlights: This virtual organization fellowship is part of a global research residency program at our newly formed VOMI Global Think Tank & Advisory Board, [ ] effectively making you a pro tem member of the board; gives you a unique and invaluable opportunity to interact directly with the chairman of the think tank-advisory board and founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline and other significant players in the field, as well as a front row seat at the forefront of the latest virtual organization management developments at VOMI.

To Apply:

For immediate consideration, send a brief letter outlining your specific interests, proposed research or publication, and your professional and technical qualifications, along with your curriculum vitae, to Prof. Pierre Coupet, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management, at ::

ABOUT VOMI: Virtual Organization Management Institute is the world's leading and only 100% virtual global educational institute, think tank, professional association, certification and accreditation provider, and conference producer strictly focused on the modern virtual organization management discipline founded and pioneered by its founder since 1997. |


Qualification Requirements:

This is a 12-month UNPAID Global-Virtual Fellowship. Master of Art students in their final year, or Ph.D students, majoring in Military Studies, Military History or a related discipline are preferred, however, we will not ignore you if you fall into the category of brilliant military strategist or genius. Preference will be given to candidates on active duty or with prior military experience. We prefer candidates who are able to obtain private or public funding for their fellowship on their own, in which case, we will need proof of such funding from the military, sponsoring foundation, institution, organization, other entity, or private party. Candidates who will personally fund their own fellowship will be required to certify that they have the financial means to do so as part of the application process and prior formal selection. Our fellowship program is Year-Round and is open to all applicants worldwide who meet our requirements. However, if you are selected to participate in a project funded by a US government, or government-affiliated, entity through VOMI -- excluding current active duty military personnel or government employees -- you will receive a monthly stipend or compensation during the course of the fellowship, depending on the amount of the grant received; be subject to a Government security investigation and must meet all eligibility requirements for access to classified information; in which case, eligibility requirements include US citizenship. Otherwise, all selected fellows, excluding US government-funded fellows and active duty military personnel and government employees, who have successfully completed the fellowship will receive a $25,000 stipend for tuition and education expenses subject to meeting all other stipend award requirements.

How To Apply

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