Artist Coaching Business Seeking Intern in Graphic Design

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Vida Linda Coaching
Company Location: Queens, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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Hi there!

My name is Emily and I'm a certified life/business coach seeking a possible long term intern that is into the modern art, cool trendy and sophisticated creative design of documents, workbooks, etc. to be used with clients who are in arts + entertainment!

Check out for my work, style, colors etc. I do give out a free 15-minute coaching session if interested too!

I am also Creative Director and Co-Founder of, a music industry based site that is turning into social network! My soon to be published ebook is also coming out called "In the Spotlight: Over 100 Voices in Music" that will allow countless indie music artists to be attracted to my business and see the design of our materials, really driving referrals your way!

I will make a good boss as I myself have a Masters in Business Psychology which also includes Instructional Design, I just don't have the Adobe experience or time to complete these tasks.

Benefits: Full recommendation letter will be provided, linkedin reference, business logo/site will be shared on my site, in the ebook, and there will be a stipend. You will also receive free life/business coaching, advertising to all my coaching clients when they see your work and possible connections in the entertainment industry.

If interested, please contact me asap, or add me on fb: Creativity Muze

Thank you!


Currently I need the design of:

-A Notebook cover for Clients

-Business Strategy Sheet that is used during each session, ideally online so clients can input answers and save, perhaps I could read it in some way (already have content)

-Design of Workbook for client (have some content)

-Design of 3 PDFs used to promote services to artists (already have content)

-Logo design of trademark to be placed on t-shirts and apparel


Junior or Senior in Graphic Design, graduate or at least 3 years work experience
Excellent Communication
Adobe Creative Suite skills
Independent Creative Thinking

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