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Marketing and Web Services


Creative contributions, related to design, organization, tracking and/or drafting of frequently updated marketing collaterals. Collaterals to include: articles, booklets, brochures, card/bookmark/other item personalizations, promotional flyers and other related distribution materials, postcards, images to support updated digital contents, websites, optimized pages, execution of varied digital marketing outlets as part of cohesive campaigns.

Ideal interest level: 2-3 digital projects/month at minimum, with potential for more, each engaging a few component tasks. Writing assignments may be 3-5 of originals/month of considerable detail.


Appropriate creative design/programming/writing skills include: MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML 5, CSS, WordPress, Javascript/JQuery, some PHP a plus, Ruby a plus, familiarity with screen printing technique and/or strong interest in engaging on occasion, desire to contribute ideas and pieces that present unique but cohesive solutions to the client and reliable gateways to new customers and pleased old customers, strong relationship with color; for wordsmith work - excellent knowledge and understanding of English grammar, inventive language usage that may come with this knowledge, sensitivity to cadence of sentences, strong and growing vocabulary and precision, thirst for meaty content and engaging/learning new material, able to distill broader topics into component segments, and then into factual tidbits - all while enumerating as much as possible - and work with digital graphics end to provide good visualizations/flow.

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