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Sang Lucci Trading
79 Madison Ave.
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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Sang Lucci Trading, LLC is a multi-faceted media venture. Through our written and video content on, we offer firsthand accounts and in-depth journalism meant to inform the public about the forces shaping the modern financial industry. Our educational services provide students with top-notch education from expert traders who excel in options, tape reading, market sentiment analysis, trading psychology and behavioral management, commission structures, and trade execution technology. Sang Lucci Capital Partners, LP launched in February of 2012 as a hedge fund trading weekly and monthly options for select accredited investors.

The Internship: Thank you for your interest in Sang Lucci's Paid Internship Program. Throughout the year Sang Lucci offers paid internship positions to qualified candidates. Interns will join us in our Manhattan office (remote options are available) to gain experience and education in these areas:

- Web/App Development
- Graphic/Web Design
- Digital Marketing/Social Media
- Video Production & Editing
- Writing and Journalism

As a trading firm, we always offer our interns the opportunity to learn options trading, algorithm development, and other financial market related skills and knowledge if interested.

Interns will have the opportunity to present ideas to the team and potentially pursue self initiated projects. Do you have additional skill sets that may provide value? Can you take initiative? Can we give you a leadership role? Do you have an innovative idea?

Interns will be expected to commit a minimum of 3 days a week in office, with ideal candidates committing a full 5 days. We are flexible with your work and college schedules (remote option available for select experienced candidates).



Sang Lucci interns get the ability to observe all facets of multiple business operations. We are both a media and educational startup and a hedge fund. ranging from algorithmic and discretionary trading to investor relations to behavioral psychology and trading education to marketing, branding, and development/design. Whew... Additionally, you get:

- Experience and education in your respective field
- A job in a laid back, youthful work environment
- One-one-one contact with firm partners and team members
- Your own desk, computer and needed software
- Ample room for growth and permanent membership on the team
- Invitations to select events & social gatherings
- Access to elite traders/hedge fund managers
- Free membership in online trading courses (if desired)

This is a paid internship. Pay will depend on skill set and previous experience. Minimum monthly stipend starts at $1000/month and goes up to $2000/month. Exceptional candidates will have the opportunity to join the startup full time; which includes additional benefits, pay, and the opportunity for profit share.



Selection Process: We want to see examples of your past work. When applying, upload or share a link to your work or portfolio. Expect us to ask you about your past work, so make sure you're sharing with us examples that best demonstrate the kind of work we should expect from you.

After applying, we will select candidates for a first round interview, which will consist of a 15 minute phone call. Be ready to discuss your resume, portfolio, and the answers given during the application process. The second round will consist of a set of questions, and maybe a small task meant to learn more about you and the value you may offer to our firm. The final round will occur over the phone as well or, if you are located in the New York area, you will be invited to our office in midtown Manhattan.


Along with the Paid Intership program, Sang Lucci also offers Educational Co-Operative positions. Unlike the paid intership, co-operative positions are unpaid, part-time and generally remote positions (office space available for qualified candidates) that give candidates the opportunity to receive experience and education in exchange for their applied talents. This might be of interest to you if you are a part time candidate, if paid positions fill up quickly, if your qualifications are not as competitive as your peers, or if your primary skill set is trading or quant related and not one of the skills listed above. Learn more about Co-Op positions here:

Sang Lucci Educational Co-Op:

How To Apply

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