Graphic Artist -- Designer (web, video and print)

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THE LATEST ( is a hot website idea we hope to launch in June of 2014. Between now and then there is much to do. We could really use the help of a great graphic designer or two.

We have one amazing designer, but she is swamped with requests. She can only work with us about a day a week right now because of outside commitments. is cool for many reasons, but chief among them is the fact that 55 million Google searches each month include the word "latest" (latest news, latest syria, latest iphone, latest miley cyrus, etc.).

We are in West LA, near Olympic and Bundy. We have plenty of space but need some intern talent to fill it. Some come in once a week; others come in twice weekly. Someone is usually around if you want to work out of our office, but if you want to check in now and then and work from home, that can work, too.

We have a great team, you'll be working with terrific people. You will learn more here in a month than you will in a year at a typical internship.

You'll be designing web pages, logos, media kits, apps, a print magazine, apps, graphic elements that could go into a TV show -- all called THE LATEST.

This is UNPAID for now, but we hope as we approach launch that we can get funded and start paying people. For those who really do great things for us, there could be stock options.

We hope to find several designers to join us in summer of 2014, when we hope to live. At that point, we'd like a minimum commitment of 30 hours a week.

Get in touch, we need you. Send an email to Include a few pieces of work or a link to your portfolio. We look forward to hearing from you.


Work with our team, brainstorm ideas, make them look amazing.


Good with color, typography, layouts, etc.


Illustrator would be nice.

A real plus: InDesign or Quark.

Another big plus: HTML.

Right now we think 8 hours a week would be great, 12 or 16 even better. Below 8 hours, it probably doesn't make much sense.

Send a resume with a link to your portfolio. If you don't have a portfolio, attach one or two designs you've done in your email to:

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