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CV WorldWide LLC
Company Location: Chantilly, VA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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CV WorldWide publishes 2 custom lifestyle magazines, one in the Pacific NW (CV NorthWest) and one in Vegas/SoCal (CV SouthWest). We focus on custom cars, motorcycles, and the live/local music scenes of those two regions. We have approximately 16,000 readers in the NW and 8,000 or so in Vegas/SoCal. We provide interviews with local musicians/bands, car/motorcycle advice, concert photo shoots, and have other features catering to people who live a "custom life".
CV NorthWest published issue #1 in March of 2012, CV SouthWest in April of 2013.

As we grow, my duties need to focus on the business more than the product, and I'm looking for help from a graphic design intern...someone who has vision, energy, and ideas on how to make a magazine really shine to our readers.


You will be given an article (text & pictures), and asked to lay out a feature design for the current issue of the Magazine. I anticipate a quick turnaround (2-3 days at most) for each project, probably 1 or 2 a month to assist.
Also, ideas on the Table of Contents page are welcome - we are looking to improve it.

I"m looking for difference makers, people who want to build a brand; future employment is possible given the success of the Mag and the quality of your work.


We use MS Publisher (it's what I know, I'm not proficient with InDesign yet), so obviously I'd like that skillset.
Other than that, the Mag needs someone who is diligent, dependable, energetic, willing to explore ideas & designs off the beaten path, who can handle different opinions, and someone who I can count on to participate and work fairly independently on features that I assign. I don't care about degrees, certifications...those are great, and good to have, but I'm looking for people to make a difference, to be successful, and CARE about doing their best work and improving our Magazine.
We are looking for a transition to InDesign at some point, but until then, we're working with Publisher.

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