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American Muslim Initiative
26 E 91st
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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AMI is a nonprofit organization that was created to help advocate the stories that youth all over America go through. People from all over the world submit their stories on Culture, Appearance, Career, Religious Awareness in Society, Media, Relationships, Discrimination, Mental health, Social Life and Religion, Education, Bullying and Gender Roles. We then take these stories and we compile them into a book in which we publish with Iuniverse, Amazon, Penguin and Ithica! Every year we come up with a new book.

AMI is not only limited to Muslims (American Muslim Initiative) we believe in giving back to the community at large. We try to foster an environment that will help build bridges between society's misconceptions on all religions not just Islam.

We are currently looking for an intern who is very creative! We are a team at AMI and we believe that your opinions matter. A lot of your work would be independent, but you will have the opportunity to work and test out the idea's that you've always wanted to experiment with.

We do offer class credit. If you need a letter of recommendation we will be happy to write it for you. If you are very good at your job then you will have room to build up and potentially get paid. (Within a year).

For more information check out our website @


-Help create Cover art for either a magazine or Book Cover.
-Offer opinions on submitted art.
-Help make designs/ banners for our upcoming Non Profit / Buisness Expo.
-Attend all meetings.
-Can work virtually we will discuss.


-Strong, Independent Worker.
-Very, Very creative (is able to take tasks to the next level).
-Has their own vision for specific projects.
-Must be working towards a degree (or minor) in Graphic Design, Computer Science.
-Must be able to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver (or have a willingness to learn it)
-Must present one past banner/ or design that you've done prior to applying to this job.

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