Graphic Design / Illustrator / Media Design Internships

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We are cXv Interactive a world class marketing company founded in the DC area. Our motto is simple; our motto is broad: CREATE! IGNITE! ENGAGE!

We've just paired up with an excited and rapidly growing technology, social media, advertising firm and we're looking for as many enthusiastic hands on deck as possible!

Welcome to Connected Commerce! We’re a world leading platform-based, technology service and marketing organization on the verge of launching a new program throughout the US and internationally. We’re looking for several candidates to help facilitate our back-end marketing and advertising blitz with expertise in Social Media, Graphic Design, and web application development. Here’s your chance to get your foot in the door with a fantastic, motivated, ambitious team!
We will offer:
• Valuable Experience
• Class Credit if needed
• Extra Income for those selected for our paid program
• Support and an open-ended platform for you to display your creativity with a real and tested product
• Potential for full-time positions
• Ability to expand your portfolio for future endeavors

Flexibility with hours and commute:

We understand current students and recent graduates are busy with exams, resumes, and immersing themselves in the “real world” in general. At cXv Interactive we are committed to working around your schedule. You can plan your own hours whether you want to surround our team and culture full-time; tele-commute; or find a balance that fits both.

We are looking for candidates with an eagerness to further their skills and aid in our efforts to build a global brand.


Openings in the following departments:

*Graphic Design
*Social Media Management
*Web Development


Please Include:

*Pay Requirements
*Portfolio if applicable
*Desired Field
*Preferred Hours Per Week

How To Apply

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