Graphic Design Intern

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Good Green Media Group
Company Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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At Good Green Media Group, we love our interns and strive to give them the best possible learning experience during their time with us. We offer our students one-on-one guidance, a relaxed atmosphere and opportunities to train in more than one department.


Interns will also work closely with our two partnering companies, Uncrowned Public Relations and Esquire Promotions. During the internship, you will get hands on experience in photography, web/graphic design, promotions, videography, and public relations. Duties include but are not limited to:
-Social media management
-Video editing
-Photoshoot assisting
-Administrative duties
-Creating/promoting weekly email campaigns
-Graphic design sessions research
- Coordinate online marketing and advertising campaigns and update Web sites
- Collaborate with the Communications Department and report to the Senior Digital Strategist
- Organize staff and campus coordination and community outreach


all GGMG internship candidates must have a general knowledge of online promo as well as mainstream marketing, fashion, music and popular culture. applicants should also exhibit a creative spirit along with phenomenal communication and organizational skills. applicants must be willing to learn an abundance of useful information in a short period of time.

- Provide links to 1-3 social networking profiles to demonstrate interest and knowledge
- Possess skills in writing, presentation, interpersonal relations, and customer management

How To Apply

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