Graphic Design for iPhone/Android APPS!

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We are one of the fastest growing Mobile Application Developers in the World. We make amazing Apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and HTML5 for businesses in every industry. While other companies charge $20,000 or more for an app, we only charge between $495 for individuals and $1495 for businesses! Yes, that's it!

This is the future. Every business that has a website is going to need their own Mobile App - and we are the company that will provide it for them.

Our business is booming, so we need interns to help put graphics in our apps (many are simply taken from websites and placed in the app). No programming skills are necessary.

Interns will gain insight into the future of technology and social media, as well as understand how to design Mobile Apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and HTML5.


You will be assigned various Apps to complete, along with instructions. You will need to fill in the content and graphics from existing websites to the App. Upon completion, management will critique your design and grade your work. Any changes that need to be made before publishing to the iPhone and Android stores will be completed, then the product will "go live." You will be able to witness your work in the iPhone and Android store.

We also offer interns the ability to refer any person or business that would like an App, and will provide you with a very large referral fee, once the App is purchased.


No programming skills required.
Must be well versed in PhotoShop. (be able to resize, optimize for web, etc.)
Must be able to take direction, and work hard when presented with a deadline.
Must be willing to learn new skills and take criticism (essential if you want to grow).
Must have a desire to enhance their knowledge.

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