Graphic Design intern

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Universal Creativity is currently accepting a Graphic Designer to join their Marketing/Production team.
As a Graphic Designer you're only required to put in about 15 hours per week with 3-5 of them bring onsite on Saturday mornings with the team.

We would use your designs for the following:
*Creative/Performing Artist League _NoBody Famous
*Quarterly Community Projects/Productions
*Twice a year Fundraisers
*Once a year Anniversary Celebration
*Online updates.

The way we structure our interns is its part virtual and part present. You get the chance to work on your time accept you meet up with the team on Saturday and Check In Online on Wednesdays.


We would appreciate course work or at least 2 years experience in the Graphics and Marketing arena.
The team consist of college students, it would be benefit you if you were a college student.
Come with goals as to how we may help you grow!

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