Graphic Design/Artist Intern

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Taut Clothing
Company Location: Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Taut inc. is a new start up that provides fitness tips, motivation, success stories, and fitness related apparel and clothing. We are currently in talks with suppliers in order to determine who is the best fit for a partnership once we launch our product line.

We are looking for a talented Graphic Designer/Artist to design our company logos as well as some alternative versions of our logo in order to print onto clothing. Due to the fact that we would be using this item for retail we would require a copyright and trademark agreement be signed upon us excepting your design into our system. This would wave your ownership of the design, but only if we contact you and wish to adopt it. This is a non-paying job(for now) but we welcome all interns whose designs we accepted to keep the work as part of their portfolios. We are mainly looking for designs in which the size can be manipulated without sacrificing the look and feel of the design. Please email all potential designs to


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Interest and experience within the graphic design field is preferred, but we will consider all designs that come our way regardless of creator's level of expertise.

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