Graphic Designer, Special Projects

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PowerHouse Growers
Company Location: Seattle, WA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Who We are:
PowerHouse Growers is a multimedia platform connecting individuals and businesses who are looking for, or interested in finding tools and resources to sustainably incorporate urban agriculture into their cities, businesses, and homes. PowerHouse Growers is the place where individuals, experts, businesses, and government speak the same language of urban agriculture, design, and development.

What We Do:
At PowerHouse Growers we show you how to incorporate urban agriculture and biophilia into your cities and homes for healthy and sustainable construction and design. Sharing the latest in technology, innovative design, and case studies, PowerHouse Growers provides solutions for integrating urban agriculture into urban design ensuring prosperous futures in high-density environments.

What We Believe:
At PowerHouse Growers we believe that it is not about what’s trending – it’s about what’s sustainable. Small changes lead to big impact resulting in happier and healthier people. Urban agriculture creates sustainability that everyone in our cities will enjoy today, tomorrow, and long into the future.

The Position - Graphic Designer, Special Projects (Online Internship)
Using your knowledge and expertise of graphic and web design, you will be responsible for creating special branding projects for PowerHouse Growers throughout the course of the internship program.

With ongoing support and interest from the PowerHouse Growers management team, you will gain valuable experience and connections, leading to a productive and successful internship program. This internship has the potential to lead to a full-time, regular position.


As the Graphic Designer of Special Projects, you will be responsible for designing and creating logos, infographics, and other important brand designs while applying your creative freedom and consultation abilities. Duties and responsibilities will include:

-working creatively on any particular assigned design project
-availability for regular virtual meetings and communications with PowerHouse Growers management
-working with a wide range of media including video and photography
-ability to adhere to specific deadlines
-expert abilities in design technologies Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash
-ability to work under limited supervision


Applicants must be available to commit to an 8 week internship program, or depending on requirements of their school. Students studying in the areas of Arts, Web and Graphic Design will find this internship valuable in the application of their education.

Applicants must possess:
-Varied creative portfolio and background
-Excellent communication and time management skills
-Enthusiasm and passion for design and creativity
-Willingness to contribute their own ideas to a growing team
-Eagerness to think outside the box and to recommend new design ideas and strategies

How To Apply

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