Graphic & Interactive Design Internship

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At Imperial 1002 (ten-oh-two), our founder believes firmly that you rarely get a second chance at a good first impression. Polished and professional design is often your one fleeting chance to not only gain trust, but to also quickly tell your story and share the benefits of your brand.

Design can make or break your business and leave a lasting impression for potential partners and clients. Rest assured in knowing that you will receive professional graphic design that will most accurately reflect your brand and engage your intended audience.

Imperial Designs 1002 is looking for a highly motivated intern with strong knowledge and understanding of graphic design for both print and digital media.


Interns will gain experience creating custom designs for a variety of clientele as a part of an overall marketing strategy. If offered the position, the intern must virtually meet with the supervisor a minimum of twice a week to discuss weekly objectives and outcomes. Length of position is typically 11 weeks, but can be adapted depending on semesters or quarters. This internship can fulfill the requirements for college credit, if needed. An intern can specialize in print, interactive design or both.

Qualified candidates please submit resume and 5 samples of work (print and/or screenshots of interactive) in a PDF to


This candidate must have:

-Strong working knowledge of and access to the programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

-A strong knowledge of html

-A high standard for organization

-A portfolio of past work

-Ability to communicate effectively across multiple media

- Creative ideas & solutions

Additionally, we pay extra attention to candidates who are:

-Able to give and accept feedback

How To Apply

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