Graphic Design Intern

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Learning Objectives or Other Goals:

1. Interns will learn firsthand about the steps involved in the creation of a commercial publication from understanding and utilizing Media Kits to building contacts, relationships and sales with Advertising Agencies and/or Advertisers.

2. Interns will learn firsthand about design, layout pages, advertising pages, demographics, market research, public relations, promotions, sponsorships, etc.

3. Interns will learn firsthand how to hone their business and communication skills as they relate to their overall objectives.

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Intern's Activities:

1. Understanding of all aspects of the publication’s goals and marketing strategies and how they relate to the advertising prospect’s objectives.

2. Understanding of various materials used in the publishing industry (books, magazines, brochures, media kits, sales sheets, etc) and the creation of said materials for print and/or electronic media.

3. Contacting Advertising Agencies, Advertisers and Sponsors using a systematic approach with scripts, spreadsheets and market research in order to educate said companies on our publications and collateral services.
4. Establishing relationships with said businesses to advertise, sponsor, promote, become affiliates of Internship publications and organizations.

Intern's Duties:
1. Using Desktop Publishing Software and Graphic Elements including Photos, Illustrations, Typography

2. Layout Advertisements

3. Layout Magazine Pages

4. Layout Book Pages

5. Layout Promotional Material


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