HTML Coders / Website Designers and Graphic Artist

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Senior Conenction Home Health Care Agency
Company Location: Baltimore, MD
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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Guess What Magazine Multimedia On- Line Digital Magazine is a social media site geared to bring the news with just a click of a button. This multimedia site focuses on world news to celebrity entertainment. We are currently offering positions to those interested in the field of print and digital media. Interns will design and create layouts, load and key in stories wired to our site. Students will perform all duties under the Web-designer and Graphic Artist description of a job function.


Interns will load stories daily, create layouts and design pages for stories and images submitted each day. Students must be dependable and work independently at home or on the site. Students must be creative and work well under pressure and meet all deadline for all stories and postings each day.


Students and Interns must be able to perform the job functions as both a Web designer and Graphic Artist. Students will design and create pages for all of our publications and multimedia sites. These positions are geared for the right students who are experienced in the following this job description. Students will work closely with our layout department and will work and complete some hours at home. Students must have a laptop and sofeware to perform assignments needed at home or on the site.

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