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We are seeking several individuals with experience in any of the following to comprise our new Creative Media Team: photography, videography, graphic design and/or web design. Team members will work directly under the Business Director and will experience the creative process by which brands are conceived, established and maintained. Additionally, team members will learn how to effectively use their preferred medium as a means of brand marketing. We’ve designed an educational internship through which interns learn the capabilities of creative media as a form of brand marketing, develop their skills in their preferred medium and explore the importance of creativity in brand management.

Interns are expected to commit fifteen (15) hours each week to the internship, some of which may be performed remotely.


This is an unpaid internship and therefore focuses on the professional development of your skills and knowledge in outreach media management and marketing. At the conclusion of the three-month internship, interns may choose to apply for a paid position at SRG Management Firm as determined by the availability of employment opportunities.

Application Process

Please include the following in your email:

• Attach a PDF copy of your résumé.
• Attach one work sample that you feel best demonstrates your abilities in your preferred medium
• Attach a cover letter that performs all of the following in 500 words or less: states medium you wish to employ as an intern, describes your understanding of the relationship between creative media and brand marketing, and explains how you wish to use this particular internship for your career advancement.
• Title the subject of your email, “Application: Creative Media Internship”.


The Creative Media Team will co-manage with the Business Director the generation of creative media for our clients and for our own business. The intern will work meticulously with the Business Director in order to maintain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s brand and of the company’s brand management strategy for that client. Additionally, the intern will communicate directly with the client to ensure an accurate representation of the client’s brand, intentions and actions.


The ideal candidate for this internship will demonstrate all of the following traits:
• Resident of Chicago
• Extensive knowledge of/ experience in either photography, videography, graphic design and/or web design
• Ability to communicate information effectively, creatively and concisely in written and verbal form
• Genuine interest in emerging topics of Chicago culture, such as music, trends or business
• Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to learn about the impact of outreach media in brand management
• Commitment to deadlines

How To Apply

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