The CEO Internship; Graphic Design

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Mutual Catalysis
Company Location: Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Paid

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What separates a Bicycle Ventures internship from any other internship in the world?

Picture a ladder, other companies put you at the bottom and force you to painstakingly climb. At Mutual Catalysis you are placed at the top of the ladder and given the chance to succeed or plummet.

When we see potential in people, we give them the opportunity and the environment to prove themselves. We hand pick students/recent graduates who are ready to do something worthwhile and give them the ultimate responsibility of personally running a start up.

Our ideal candidate is driven and ready to make a serious commitment. Coming in for an interview with Mutual Catalysis; rather than applying for a specific position, you are selling yourself. Bringing a business idea is optional; the most important thing is your talent, intelligence and drive.

As one of our CEO interns, you will be:
• Assigned to a business concept or if you can sell us on the idea, developing your own.
• Receiving seed funding and mentorship.
• Building a company from the ground up.
• Receiving a large equity stake in your venture
• Connected with the necessary people and resources to make your work effective
• Guided through business plan competitions and traditional fund raising
• Expected to work hard and enjoy it
• Expected to think on your feet
• Expected to develop strong leadership and management, as you’ll be hiring your own interns before long

Students/graduates with strong business sense combined with professional training in another field (i.e. engineering or hospitality management) are preferred; however we encourage anyone to apply. We try to accommodate as many in-person interviews as possible.

In some rare cases we do allow interns to work on projects together as partners and you may apply as a team. Sometimes we will pair interns to work on large projects together. This internship is unpaid besides equity and performance based bonuses.

Resumes and cover letters can be submitted here or emailed to

Feel free to forego sending us a resume and simply write a cover letter telling us why we should interview you.


Research, project design, project planning, project management, project execution.

You are expected to find out what needs to get done, set a schedule and do it.

Attending weekly/biweekly meetings.


Must have at least a High School diploma or a damn good excuse for not having one.

We are looking for a variety people with different strengths:

-computer science
-social skills

The important thing is that you are good at something and generally a hard worker/quick learner. That's what entrepreneurship is all about.

How To Apply

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