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Founded in 2008, Big J Mart Stores is one of the Internets upcoming big box retailers, offering over 1.6 million items to customers around the world. Founded on the core values that quality people are our strength, we believe that anyone has the potential to prove who they are and grow with our company.

Big J Mart Stores has planned on going incorporated, which means we are opening internship positions for our Home Office division. We are seeking skilled people who are interested in writing and editing articles based on topics provided. Big J Mart Stores is an up and coming retail business (online) and are pleased to introduce new intern positions for writing and editing. With this internship, we allow our interns to use creativity and point of view to express feelings in the work they produce. The articles written will be published and read online by millions of customers, new investors, suppliers, and corporate staff. Attention to detail and a well organized writing process is key to the success of this internship.

Once completed, you will be provided with an official letter and statement from Big J Mart declaring successful completion of the internship. Big J Mart will cooperate with all college requirements for passing the student on the internship requirement.


Upon successfully being selected for this internship you will be able to start working any semester you choose or that is required by your school. For more information please visit

Each new intern will receive an employee handbook, which will guide them through the steps on the internship process. Questions can be directed to customer service or your internship leader.


In order to complete this internship you must meet the following basic requirements:

- Must be in your junior or senior year of college, working for credit or non-credit
- Must be proficient in Photoshop and other photo based editing software programs
- Must be able to communicate effectively, share ideas, and be open to feedback
- Must know basic html for image and banner placement


BIG J MART IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER: It is against our employment policy to discriminate a potentially qualified candidate based upon their age, sexual preference, gender, race, nationality, religion, etc. For more information on our policies and employment guidelines, please visit

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