Why graphic design?

Graphic design internships in San Jose, CA provide you with an opportunity to work in a variety of different industries.

To be a graphic designer, you’ll need a professional portfolio that demonstrates your creativity and originality. An internship will provide you with a great opportunity for learning skills such as concept development, prototype construction, and serial production. In a summer graphic design internship, you may assist experienced designers and work on independent projects.

The required skills for landing a graphic design internship in San Jose include sketching abilities, knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud applications, and strong communication skills.

Summer internships at companies such as eBay or Adobe will expose you to vector art image editing, 3D software, and/or data visualization, all of which would allow you to build important graphic design skills. Graphic designers are in demand and an internship will help ensure a good job placement in the future!

What can you expect as a summer graphic design intern in San Jose and beyond?

The capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose has the highest concentration of technological companies of any place in the world. It’s not only the 10th largest city in the United States but the third safest. Warm and sunny in climate and disposition, it’s also in the top 10 least stressed U.S. cities and seventh in education, with the most educated population.

What’s the catch? It is also the most expensive place to live in the nation.

San Jose is green-conscious and eco-friendly — no plastic bags allowed. It recycles more than any other city and offers its residents more than 50 miles of commuting trails. Many people walk half-hour commutes, and bikes are welcome everywhere.

A virtual brain hub, San Jose’s industries are education-driven and technology-focused.

Despite all California’s regulation, major companies still site their headquarters here, including Cisco Systems — the area’s largest private employer — eBay, PayPal, Adobe Systems and more. Some estimates purport that as much as “35% of all venture capital funds invested in American companies ends up in San Jose."

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