Collecting and writing children nutrition information and upgrade my startup nutrition company webs

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Company Location: Manhattan, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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We are entrepreneurs who are passionate to provide premium kids nutritious products to the family.

We are a group of international citizens who grow up in Asia, USA and Europe, we all live in overseas and study in different countries but eventually we choose to work in the food and nutrition industry.
We love nutritious food, we love food basically; we deeply care about our children and their intellectual and physical development; we know micronutrient is essential for their brain and body development and as little as USD 1 per month can change a child life dramatically.
We know micronutrient is also important for a country, a country GDP and economy can improve up to 7% if the people are having all the essential nutrients they need.
So here we am, we want to collect all the experience, wisdom and willingness of our team, to come out with the nutritious supplement and food, to help our children grow stronger and healthier, to help mom make smart choice and bring up a happy family.


1. Find the nutritious information related to our current product portfolio
2. Editing the information and write up as a useful information to post on web
3. Optimize the website to be useful for moms who see the benefit of accessing to useful information on their children nutrition.


Capability to search for children nutritional information, editing and posting in web which will be read by moms who are searching for nutritious products for their children.

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