Fitness Internship

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In order to be the best, you want to learn from the best. We’re looking for bright, motivated, conscientious team players who are eager to learn from our experienced fit experts – and who want to grow with our new organization.

If that sounds like you, you’re in for a great learning experience. Our fitness directors are true professionals, inspiring role models, and great mentors. At Fighting Trim, you’ll learn from the best.

Our new internship program includes fitness management and client locations for individuals pursuing a degree in health promotion, exercise science, kinesiology, public health, recreation or related disciplines. Internship opportunities are currently only available at our Washington, DC and Virginia locations, including corporate work-site, hospital, university, and community locations.

We look forward to offering rewarding internship opportunities that provide exposure to, or experience in, a wide range of areas.


Phase 1 - Week 1: HealtheFit Experience Training (initial consultation, health screening, fitness assessment, and first session)
Week 2: Lifestyle Indicator (Being S.M.A.R.T. to reach client and professional goals)

Phase 2 - Week 3: Technology and Fitness (Using web/mobile technology to train clients)
Weeks 4-5: The Principles of Program Design (designing safe and effective training programs for clients with various goals.

Phase 3 - Week 6-7: Personal Training Business Strategy and Development (business planning, marketing, accounting, policies & procedures, the internet, developing a client base)

Phase 4 - Weeks 8-12: Real World Training (case load begins)

Special Event/Program/Service

The successful apprentice will have the opportunity to plan, organize and implement a special event/program/service designed for-profit or not-for-profit at the end of his/her apprenticeship. The apprentice will receive a budget and opportunity to earn compensation with new clients.

Case Load

The fitness intern will learn how to market and develop a case load of 10+ clients.


Basic knowledge in the following areas:
Program administration
Web/Mobile Technology
Health promotion programming
Fitness testing and exercise prescription
Group exercise class instruction
Data analysis and outcomes reporting
Communications and marketing
Health coaching
Personal training
Participation record keeping and data management
Special projects and promotions
Health fairs and health screening events

How To Apply

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