Greenly Online Collective (Paid) - Driver / Assistant / web / health / marketing / promotion

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10825 Washington Blvd., ,
Culver City, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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About Greenly Online Collective:
Greenly is an online collective that delivers premium quality medication to your doorstep. We operate from top to bottom with a focus on our patients and being environmentally friendly. Our organization greatly values the patient experience and patient focused care. Our service allows patients to avoid the negative experience of driving to and walking into a collective to get their medication. Greenly’s mission is to operate in a manner that produces minimal negative impact on the environment and on those around us, with a sincere intention of creating a positive impact in the lives of our patients and members.

Our company is an eco-friendly health based company that provides online access to healthcare products. We are based out of Culver City and Marina Del Rey with the main office we work out of being in Culver City. You would be working alongside other industry professionals making deliveries and assisting in daily tasks. This would be a part time / full-time position depending on efficiency and order volume.

Our normal day starts from 9-10am and ends around 5-6-7pm. We are flexible if you prefer to come in earlier / later and/or stay later as all of our employees have slightly varying hours and different schedules

This is a unique opportunity for any applicant that enjoys business networking and communication. We are a small, tightly knit organization that will thrive because of our ingenuity and ambition and we are looking for a fun, hard working applicant to join our team.


Responsibilities would include making deliveries to patients, assisting the director, manager and owner with organizational and business tasks, assisting with inventory, business networking and communication, internet research on which products are the most popular / beneficial, taking promotional or inventory photos, participating in brainstorming sessions, finding visual references, assisting with customer / patient intake, answering phones, representing the organization at events alongside other team members (ex. conferences, meet ups, etc.), assisting in promoting the organization and creating blogs on social media sites, marking and recording sales and building documents and spreadsheets with Google Drive, pickups and deliveries to the West Side and South Bay, assisting in all office tasks required by the manager, director, and owner.


• College Degree or currently enrolled
• Have your own car and can make deliveries / pick ups around West Side and South Bay
• Ability to work under others in a fast paced office environment
• Ability to work on Macs and Mac friendly apps (Familiarity w/ Google Chrome / Google Docs is also a BIG BONUS)
• Experience with interactive, mobile or web design a plus
• Willing to get or already hold a valid medical recommendation
• Male or Female - OK

*** If you drive a hybrid or prius it is a BIG bonus for you and include that in your submission
***If you own an iphone / ipad include that in your submission as well

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