Marketing / Social Media / Public Relation Internship

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Morris County Dental Associates, LLC
15 Commerce Blvd, Suite 201
Succasunna, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Paid

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We are a small dental office (one doctor) that is attempting to significantly grow our practice. We are interested in hiring a person with skills (described below) to: 1) manage & direct our business partners (ie- website host, SEO / SEM, social media, graphic artists, printers, etc), and 2) grow our practice from within (ie-social media, online reputation management, organize & execute seminars, mailing campaigns). Please note that as an intern we are not asking you to take over the functions of most of our third party business partners, but it is important that we hire a person who has great knowledge in all of these fields in order to effectively manage our outsourced marketing efforts: actual hosting & SEO changes can be discussed in the future, if appropriate. Please visit our website at


The information below has been listed as an employment position for a person with experience in the dental field. It can be modified based upon duties that you are unwilling or unable to perform. If you meet the requirements listed in the "Requirements" section, we encourage you to contact us.

A part-time position which will consist of:
• marketing manager
• receptionist (this will gain you insight on patient expectations)
• HIPPA & OSHA Co-Compliance Officer (duties to be shared with rest of staff, but managed by you)

• Marketing: See below for details. These tasks are the majority of this position.
o The creation of a manual / reference guide will be expected. The content of this manual will include items such as companies, website addresses, usernames & passcodes, contacts, descriptions, procedures, positive & negative experiences you’ve experienced with the company, etc. It will be an ongoing project.
• Receptionist: Compared to the hours listed for this position, our current office manager / receptionist is not present on Wednesdays from 1:00pm and later, nor on Fridays at all. You would be handling the phone calls and patient needs on those days & hours. You will overlap with standard office hours all day on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings.
• HIPPA & OSHA Co-Compliance Officer: (duties to be shared with rest of staff, but managed by you)
• Stay current with advertising trends and information: read, file, & reference articles found on your own and provided by employer. Attend CE programs deemed valuable & appropriate for these tasks.

• Tuesdays: 7:45am-5:00pm with 1 hour lunch
• Wednesdays: 9:00am-5:00pm with 1 hour lunch
• Fridays: 9:00am-3:00pm

• To be discussed later (to save space here)

• To be determined on an individual basis
• An automobile allowance will be provided for any appropriate off-site responsibilities

MARKETING DETAILS: This is simply a list of the marketing efforts we are currently involved with. It may not be comprehensive.
- Print Media: Deadlines must be managed, expiration dates maintained, content evaluated often.
- Direct Mail Campaigns: Card design, printing, distribution.
- Website: Always an ongoing project requiring maintenance & changes. We outsource the hosting.
- SEO / SEM: We outsource the SEO. We currently are not involved with SEM, but are considering it.
- Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- Reputation Management: Online Reviews
- Patient communication: Constant Contact newsletter.
- Patient Testimonials: Video, written. You will be asked to create & manage a YouTube Channel.
- Seminars: create, market, execute.
- Community involvement / public exposure: create, market, execute.
- TV & Radio ads: work with vendors to create, market, execute.


• An intense level of organization, attention to detail, and efficiency
• Again, an intense level of organization, attention to detail, and efficiency
• Excellent communication skills
• A knack for creativity
• An above-average background with social media, website creation and/or management, and marketing
• Read & write English at a professional level
• Fluid typing ability & accuracy with grammar and spelling
• Computers:
o Fluidity with Microsoft Office: Word & Excel
o Ability to troubleshoot basic problems

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