Medical Device Sales Rep

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Spinel USA
Company Location: Newport Beach, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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Spinel USA is a medical device distribution company that sells all over the United States. We sell devices to dermatologists, podiatrists, plastic surgeons, medical spas, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, and more....
We are offering internship opportunities to students that are interested in becoming sales reps for medical devices.
Our products include laser hair removal, phototherapy, nail fungus laser, zerona, verju, ebite and more....
Commission only, with generous compensation on any sales made. and


Call and email doctors from our list or make your own list of potential physicians that might be interested in our products and will have a need for them. We are a professional company and have to make sure we only contact offices that can have a benefit from our products and not sell to any offices that don't have a need for our products.
Our devices are very popular and rising in popularity.
If necessary, you might need to do a presentation in the office of the physicians. We will arrange lunch for you and the staff and provide you with the material necessary.


Good people skills and be willing to call, email and meet with local doctors for presentations.
If interested in attending large conferences and seminars for doctors, position can be offered to attend the shows with us.
Our honest approach and direct dialogues will ensure that you are never put in an uncomfortable position. Remember you are a company rep, and not a salesperson, we will teach you how to be respectful and have honest and straightforward conversations with office managers and doctors that are truly interested in our products.

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