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We are a local nonprofit based out of Boston. We have been operating for a year and we are going nationwide. We are looking for leaders who can run local chapters. During the past year, I have learned a lot and have grown both professionally and personally. These are the benefits I have garnered during the past year since we started.

- My professional network exploded. (I started with 49 LinkedIn contacts and reached 2,600 so far in a year... not bad for a shy guy)
- Built very strong personal and professional relationships. (Not Facebook relationships)
- I met brilliant people who have opened a lot of doors.
- I have learned leadership skills. (How do you excite volunteers to work? It's not an easy task, it takes leadership)
- My fear of Public speaking has gone out of the window, I can speak in front of any number of people, no matter how important they are.
- I have built relationships with really powerful people, more importantly I have built a support system which I can rely on.
- There is real joy in serving people. (Having meaningful relationships is the most important thing in this world, you got to trust me on this)


So what does it take...

It takes...

- Commitment. (The longer you stick around, the more people will trust you)
- Persistence. (Many people start things on a whim and they disappear. You don't want to be one of them, do you?)
- Love for everyone. (You have to be accepting and forgiving)
- Low standards. (It's not exactly what you think, I mean don't judge people immediately. Get to know them, people come in all shapes and sizes. You have to judge them by their values and belief systems and the rest doesn't matter)
- Trusting ability: You need to be trusting, that is the first step towards building a relationship. Believe me, some people will take you for a ride but that is the risk you take in building a new relationship. Have no fear, most of the people are good people.
- A propensity for community building. (very important)
- Team building. (This is where you swim or drown. It's easy to build a team if you have power (titles) or money but how do you build a team without any of that... it takes leadership.)
- Dogged determination. (Many times you feel like giving up, you feel like you have more important things to do but if you stick around you will get what you want)

If you don't have anything, then you need to have one thing that will take you to the stars and that is....... PASSION (for healthcare)

Do you think you have what it take, if you do, drop us a line?

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