Pre Dental Education (aka Dental Internship, Dentist Shadowing) and Advanced Education in Dentistry

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The Center for Special Dentistry® - Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman, Director
425 Madison Avenue #500
New York, NY
Posted: January 31 2015
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 12 Part-time, Unpaid

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The Pre Dental Education and Advanced Dental Education Programs at the Center for Special Dentistry® (CSD) in mid-town Manhattan (New York City) are now interviewing Students. Please read this info carefully because we will not respond to generic mass emails seeking employment. Note: we are NOT seeking dental assistants and front desk staff - sorry.

CSD welcomes extraordinary patients from around the world who seek Creative Solutions for Complex Dentistry®. We are a Multi-Specialty Cosmetic and Reconstructive dental practice composed of 14 part-time dentists and specialists that offers super premium dental care quickly and comfortably in a low volume, non-managed care environment. Our website is over 4,400 pages.

Our office location is in the very center of New York City. We are in the center of the mid-town Financial District and one block away from The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Saks Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. We are two blocks away from the Diamond District and four blocks away from Broadway theaters.

A Pre Dental Education Program is the appropriate name for what pre dental school students may refer to as a Dental Internship or Shadowing. This is an informal program for students who have not yet attended dental school. Many of our former students also return to study with us during breaks from dental school. Our unique Pre Dental School Education Program teaches students all aspects of general and specialty dentistry in a manner impossible to achieve in dental school. You must intend to attend dental school to apply to this program and provide a resume that reflects it. Our program also teaches what to do after graduating dental school.

Our Advanced Dental Education Program is for U.S.-trained and foreign-trained dentists and dental students from around the world who want to increase their knowledge of dentistry. Some students may refer to this as a dental internship but the more appropriate description is Advanced Dental Education Program. This informal program teaches multi-specialty diagnosis, treatment planning, behavior management and treatment skills. Our focus is on super premium Smile Makeovers.

These informal programs do NOT grant a university degree or a license for U.S. dental practice and have no formal affiliation with any dental school. At his discretion, Dr. Dorfman can provide assistance to extraordinary students in applying to U.S dental schools in order to obtain an American dental license; participation in our program may or may not facilitate a student's acceptance.


Please read these links carefully because we cannot respond to questions that are already answered here:

The Center for Special Dentistry - More info - please visit
Our Pre-Dental Student Program - More info - please visit
Our Dental Student and Dentist Program - More info - please visit
Our Blog contains student experiences - More info - please visit

Questions: - please don't email us until you have carefully read these hyperlinks.


Please read the hyperlinks noted in Responsibilities above and note the application fees described below that we must receive before we review an application. Your cover letter must specify why you want to study at CSD; generic cover letters will be weighted poorly. Please mail your complete application to: The Center for Special Dentistry® 425 Madison Avenue #500 New York, NY 10017. We will not respond to your application within the website because this interface does not support all we require for our applications.

Our Pre-Dental and Advanced dental education programs starting dates can occur throughout the year because there is no formal curriculum. It can be full-time or part-time. We also have students attend for only the summer. Most students study with us for one year but many stay two or three years. Students are usually expected to pay tuition to attend; please carefully read the hyperlinks above regarding tuition fees etc. More experienced students may be offered a paid position later. Our paid dental education programs generally pay between $20,000 - 40,000 per year (with the higher range for more experienced students) but the cost of living in NYC is quite high. Entry into the program is highly competitive.

There is not a formal application form nor is there a specific start date. You may send your resume, three recommendations, $35 application fee ($65 for the Advanced Dental Program) and photo via email, US mail and/or fax (212) 754-5731. Sorry but we will not consider any application without a paid application fee; this is necessary to avoid unserious applicants. If using email please send your resume and recommendations contained within the body of your email; only your photo may be a jpeg attachment. We don't open attachments from unknown sources. Your references must NOT be from family or friends. An invitation to interview does not imply acceptance into our program so applicants should make travel plans accordingly. Some international interviews can be conducted via Skype.

You will need a U.S. work visa (as a non-resident) or a work permit (as a resident) if you hope to obtain paid dental training with us. A letter written in support of a visa or work permit involves extra fees as described in the hyperlinks above. Dentists in our program must have a New York State license to practice dentistry if they hope to treat patients but this is not expected.

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