Thai Cuisine

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19701 Lake Road
Rocky River, OH
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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The Cravings Cafe is located on Lake Road in Rocky River, OH, which is a high end coffee shop and a high end Thai
Cuisine. We are looking for a cook who is versed in Southeast Asian Style. A plus if you have any Asian food cooking
experience. The internship position will allow the opportunity to learn and develop cooking and restaurant experience.


Day to day tasks include: Hours would be from 8-9 am to about 3 pm Monday thru Friday, and Sunday Evenings
from 4:00 - 9:00pm. You will be required to make lunches, and doing prep work, chopping vegetables, meats,
mixing, cooking, soups, salads, and most Thai related dishes. You will work side by side in the training period with
two Thai chefs.


The candidate must have some basic Asian cooking experience. Thai food is a more spicier, and delicate menu, and
contains a lot of preparation work. From making Spring Rolls, to Pad Thai, to some more exotic curry dishes will be
on this menu. If you speak an Asian language that would be helpful, and any Thai Food knowledge will be a great plus.

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