Hospitality Management Internship (Sports)

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To develop the skills of hospitality management interns and give them real-world experience of creating and managing outdoor, fast-paced amateur baseball events. Objectives would include: tasks organized pre-event, post-event and most importantly at the events themselves. Interns would be expected to attend as many events as possible during their internship.

At times, you will work closely with our marketing and event management interns. A big part of our events are the players, families, staff and college recruiters traveling into the city that we are running the event. These people utilize our hotel system to find, book and receive confirmations for their hotel rooms. A poor hotel process reflects poorly on our event.


The internship requirements can be customized to your schedule. Regardless if you’re enrolled in Summer A, B or C this internship will work for you.

About Prospect Wire:

Celebrating our 10-year anniversary, Prospect Wire (PW) is an event organizer and scouting service for high school baseball. PW organizes mass-scale tournaments across the United States that feature some of the nation’s top high school baseball talent. A given event can have anywhere from 16 to 150 teams composed of hundreds or even thousands of athletes.

Event Locations and Travel:

Events are typically located at MLB spring training complexes in cities such as Sarasota and Port St Lucie, FL, Phoenix, AZ and Richmond, VA

Stipend, Expenses:

This is an unpaid internship unless your school requires otherwise. PW covers your travel expenses such as hotel rooms, food while working at the fields and gas reimbursement during events. In most scenarios, interns will be expected to room with another intern of the same gender. Finally, our company organizes contests and projects for interns that provide the winners with gift cards or prizes.

Hours and requirements:

In order to satisfy your internship hours, interns will be expected to work long days at our events. Typically our interns are up and at the field by 7am. Please be prepared for long days and very hot, humid summer weather. Between the tournaments and weekly work, there’s more than enough hours to satisfy your internship requirements over the semester.

Contact Information:

If you would like more information, or to express your interest in the program, please do so ASAP by emailing your resume. If you are selected as a possible candidate for an internship, you will be contacted to set up an interview. The travel, hands-on nature and sports aspect of what PW offers has made this a very popular internship and we will be limiting the number of participants in this year’s program.


Staging: Staging the ballrooms or meeting space to be prepared for the seminars. You will be asked to ensure food, catering, drinks and/or handouts are ready to go upon check-in to the seminar. You may also be asked to work with our marketing interns to create “goodie bags” to place inside the guestrooms of our participants.

Foster Relationship with Restaurant Partners: You will be asked to visit area restaurants that are sponsoring our event and introduce yourself to the manager and present them with a token of our appreciation and gather feedback on foot traffic from the event.

Customer Service: In many cases the very first thing a person asks when they walk in a gate is where the nearest restaurant is or where their hotel is. In some cases you may have worked with this customer over the phone and it will be refreshing for them to meet you and continue your conversation with someone who knows what they are talking about. Your expertise at the main admission gates will be needed for a few hours a day, especially on the front end of the tournament when people are checking in and the backend when people are checking out.

Reservations: As customers book reservations through our system, you will be asked to export those reservations to a PDF file and pass them along via email to the hotel managers. You will also input confirmation #s into our website hotel system that will send automatic emails to the customer.

Contract Review: You will learn how to review contracts sent by hotels. You will learn key phrasing and words that hotels use that may be red flags during the contracting process.

Publish Hotel Information on Website: Once a hotel and Prospect Wire come to an agreement, you will be responsible for publishing the hotel information on our website. Things like rates, hotel images, address, front desk phone numbers, breakfast, laundry services, etc need to be uploaded for that hotel to be presented on our website to the end customer.

RFPs (Request for Proposal): Assist our hotel manager in creating RFPs to send to hotel managers for our future events.

Commissions/Rebates/Invoicing: Upon completion of an event, you will be asked to email hotel managers to ask for a pickup report and total commissions earned. You will be responsible for using their data to create an invoice to send back to them.

Event Logistics: Mapping out each individual complexes locations in relation to each other, to hotels, to restaurants, etc. Research local hospitals and emergency rooms in case of emergency.

Staff Relations: Ensuring Prospect Wire staff members are confirmed for their complimentary rooms. Communicate confirmation #s, hotel addresses and roommates to each staff member so they are prepared to travel in.

Hotel Monitoring: In some cases, hotels may drop their prices on their website to a cheaper rate than what we agreed to.

Presentation: Working w/host hotels creating a cust. friendly environment.


Required - College Applications

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