Sustainable Community Manager Internship in Hawaii

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To be truly sustainable, a community must be economically viable, generating enough profit from activities that are aligned with community values to grow and evolve. The Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community is based on ecotourism and web based social and feminist enterprise projects.

The Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community Manager Internship gives you a practical training and insight into the inner workings of an intentional community based on social enterprise.

One former Intern speaks of their experience here: “Hedonisia is an example of a business that is changing the rules by playing by the rules.”

The Intern Training Fee for the first three weeks at our community is $350. This price includes lodgings at the the Hedonisia Hawaii Community which is located near the town of Pahoa.

You can read more about our Internship by going directly to our website at:

Thank you for your interest.


Once you have completed your training and have passed your assessment interview you will have a 2-day 'work week' leaving you 5 days off! However, those days are long so we want motivated energetic applicants who can go through their day enthusiastically!

To find out more please go to our website. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:

If you would like to apply online you can also do so through the following link:


Intern Lodging & Training Fee: $600 for three weeks training which includes training and lodgings at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community.

Most applicants who complete the training and are approved as Intern Community Managers will stay at that position anywhere from a month up to a year with a work ‘week’ of only two full shifts that 'pays' for you lodgings in Hawaii!

All applicants for the Sustainable Community Manager Internship must complete a one week initial Volunteer Tryout under the Hedonisia Hawaii Fair-Trade Volunteer Program. This allows us to asses whether you will fit in the community before we begin training. It also gives you an opportunity to see if Hedonisia is the place for you!

Personal and Professional Requirements for this internship:

a) Idealistic but Pragmatic. Our ideal Community Interns are ambitious people who want to use their time at Hedonisia to further their own goals and dreams of improving society and/or the environment. Unlike other communities, we emphasize ‘Mind Work’.

b) Education & Enthusiasm for Learning. We do love candidates who have at least some post secondary education. It does not matter if you didn’t complete your degree or training.

c) Self Motivation. Though you will have a support team of other community members and the directors, self motivated individuals will find much to make them busy on their work shifts! We encourage social entrepreneurs but are happy when people simply make connections and friends during their time at the Hedonisia Hawaii Sustainable Community!

d) Communication & Customer Service Skills: This position is ideal for someone with great communication skills as you will be communicating with volunteers, the Directors and the other Community Interns regarding various physical and web based projects. You will also be handling phone calls from prospective guests and volunteers and making reservations.

e) Volunteers: You will be working with volunteers on projects to keep the property maintained, key point person for volunteers on property. The Intern Community Members works with the owner and other members to coordinate volunteer creative and beautification projects.

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